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Learning with Skype


I offer many different types of English classes and courses by Skype. All lessons can be done with or without a webcam at the student's preference. All prices include the cost of materials, such as virtual textbooks and written exercises. One free trial lesson is given to all students.

Private Lesson Course

Length: 40 minutes

Cost: $22.00 USD per lesson (minimum of 4 lessons must be purchased)

The "Private Lessons Course" will focus on conversation and new grammar. It will also include writing exercises, such as diary writing to help improve comprehension. This course can also be customized to focus on the student's needs.

Level: All

Notes: A course works best with four or more lessons a month.

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Skype Group Conversation Class

Length: 55 minutes

Cost: $14.00 USD per student. (Class must have 3 students before it will begin).

This class will focus on conversation with functional grammar. All group classes will have 3-6 people. Students are encouraged to talk to one another as well as the teacher. Each class will feature a grammar point and conversation exercises.

Level: Classes will be offered for all levels.

Notes: A class needs a minimum of 3 students before it will scheduled.

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Pronunciation Courses

Length: 30 minutes

Cost: $26.00

This class will only focus on correct pronunciation, inflection, tone and accent reduction.

Level: Intermediate

Notes: This course works best with 4 or more lessons a month.

One Time Class

Length: 30 min

Cost: $30.00

This is for people who only need one class. It can be used for such things as: practicing a speech, preparing for a job interview, briefly reviewing English before a trip or any other one-time needs that a student may have.

Levels: All


All lessons must be booked at least two full days in advance.

Each student is allowed two makeup lessons. Makeup lessons are lessons which will be given in place of a missed lesson, at a different scheduled time. After the limit of makeup lessons has been reached no further makeup lessons or refunds will be given.

Students will receive a Paypal invoice at the end of each month. This invoice must be paid in full before the students first lesson of the upcoming month.

Lessons must be canceled 24 hours in advance of the lesson time in order to receive a makeup lesson.

If a lesson is not canceled properly or a student fails to be present on Skype at the time of their lesson, no makeup lesson or refund will be given.

Due to the nature of Skype, if technical problems occur during the lesson a makeup lesson will be given. Technical problems include: Heavy Static, unstable connection, hardware failure, or problems that are outside of a student's control. It is the student's responsibility to make sure that Skype is working properly before their lesson.

Students are responsible for their own homework and out of class practice.

Refunds for students who have prepaid for multiple classes, but cannot attend them, will be handled on a case by case basis.

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